Thank You for participating in the GRIDIRON BATTLE5 Youth Tournament in Frisco June 3rd! To ensure no team has an unfair advantage/disadvantage in flag equipment at the tournament, Gridiron is requiring all teams to use SHRUUMZ youth flag sets for tournament play.  SHRUUMZ Flag sets are the best equipment available in the game!

FULL FLAG SETS: If you do NOT have SHRUUMZ flag sets, you will need to purchase the entire flag set for the tournament, which includes the belt, Youth Shruumz connectors (in white), and your choice of GRIDIRON Football theme designed flags.

FLAGS ONLY: If you already have SHRUUMZ flag sets, you are NOT required to purchase new sets.  However, please ensure the actual flags you are using are at least 15" from the bottom of the connector and are made of vinyl material.  Cloth or other material based flags will not be allowed.


As of Thursday, 5.25, all new orders will ONLY be delivered on site for pickup.  So on checkout, please select FREE SHIP.  If you choose a ship option, that charge will be refunded to your card. 

All orders from Thur 5/25 - Tue 5/30 will be delivered on site.

ONLINE orders will END as of Tuesday May 30th at 11pm CST.  


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